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What is the difference between an account and a user profile?

Your account is linked to the email address and password you enter to log in to the app. Logging in to your account then allows you to access the data of all your user profiles. By default, there is only one user profile in the account, based on the data you entered to create the account. You can create more user profiles, if necessary, for each member of your family.

The list of all the user profiles of the account is available at the top of the menu.

A few things to keep in mind about user profiles and accounts:

  • Some features are only available to the main user of the profile (in-app step tracking, timeline, leaderboard and reminders, for example).
    Click here if you want to change the main user of the account, or here if you want to make a user profile independent, with a separate account.
  • Some of our products can be used by all members of the account (such as our scales or our blood pressure monitors) while others can be only be used by a single user (such as our activity trackers).
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